Homeward Bound

Piloted by WoodGreen in 2004 and unique in Canada Homeward Bound is an innovative program to help inadequately housed or homeless mother-led families earn college diplomas and achieve self-sufficiency.

Women who four short year ago were living on the streets or precariously housed are now college graduates with careers.

Many of the women we see at Homeward Bound are fleeing domestic violence with their children, living in poverty or are homeless, in shelters or precariously housed. Homeward Bound clients are often trapped in situations that impede their ability to move forward. WoodGreen, through the Homeward Bound program opens doors, provides training, education and housing creating a pathway to independence and family security.

Homeward Bound is an innovative four-year program that eliminates barriers one-by-one, and allows these mothers to take control over their lives. Through the program and thanks to donor support, Homeward Bound provides housing and tuition for a two-year college education, child care and career support post-graduation. Women receive goal-oriented case management, onsite child care and afterschool programming for youth. Trauma counselling and emotional support are provided as well as parenting training and financial and computer literacy upgrading.

“By investing in the women and mothers of WoodGreen’s Homeward Bound Program, you are breaking a potential generational cycle of poverty and providing hope for the entire family and future generations of their family.”                                             Ed Clark, Former President & CEO, TD Bank Group


Homeward Bound Federation

Based on the success of Homeward Bound, WoodGreen has received funding from The Ontario Trillium Foundation to replicate the program with partnering communities in Ontario. WoodGreen has also received funding from The Counselling Foundation of Canada to support the Urban Aboriginal Homeward Bound Feasibility Project.

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